About the Workshop

Our Mission

The two-week Multimedia Journalism Workshop “Disrupt the News” focused on preparing students and professionals for their evolving and future careers in journalism. The news business has been disrupted, and so has the practice of journalism. As newsrooms are being challenged to reach audiences using new technologies and new delivery platforms, they are also tasked with maintaining legacy media for existing and future audiences.

This workshop included innovative storytelling techniques and new tools and technologies for telling important and relevant stories, such as 360-visuals, data visualization, and mapping, as well as strategies for verification of information and building audience trust

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb and the University of Mississippi with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb and help from the Internews (Balkan Media Assistance Program).

The result is an experimental newscast and this multimedia portal Zagreb Newslab. 

Teaching Faculty

Debora Wenger, Assistant Dean for Innovation & External Partnerships and Professor of Journalism and Iveta Imre, Assistant Professor of television and multimedia reporting at the University of Mississippi will conduct a workshop with the help of Journalism Department faculty members (Professor Tena Perišin, Petra Kovačević, Dejan Oblak), students and other mentors.  

Meet Our Students & Faculty

This two-week workshop focused on educating young journalists from five European countries (Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia) on principles of news and innovative journalism practice in multimedia and TV storytelling.  An important part of the workshop is the educational component – the idea of learning from each other.  We have a robust mix of professional journalists, academic professors and bright students who come together equally to learn and grow.

She’s a force of nature and the main supervisor of our microcosmos. There’s no problem Tena cannot solve. She’s always up for a good laugh. When she grows up, she wants to be captain of the starship Enterprise.

He’s passionate about reporting on regional and local issues. Huge radio fanatic. In his spare time, he likes to ride a bike, drink coffee (of course) and have a good laugh with his friends.

He got into journalism because he likes to tell stories about “ordinary” people, knowing that no person has an ordinary story. Marko especially likes local topics because he thinks all changes start from that level. He’s much into 80’s music and action movies.

She studied journalism and communications and now works as a journalist because she believes that good and professional media can remove the fear and enforce citizens to speak loudly about everything that threatens them and to strive for better life. She’s also interested in project management.

The desire to remind people about the problems they face has prompted Mehmet to choose journalism and work where he has always wanted to, on television. Before becoming a journalist his passion was football, a sport he still plays in his spare time. Another thing that fulfilled him is taking photos.

Sanja likes to collect sounds and make stories out of them. Sometimes she can bite, but she’s an okay person in general.

She studies Media Communications because she wants to unite her three passions: design, journalism, production. This union inspires her to bring changes to the news production process and contet that helps audiences experience news fully.

North Macedonia

He is already working as a journalist, but he’s always looking for ways to improve his skills. He wants to keep the people updated about what is happening outside the borders and that’s why his passion is world politics. Alek enjoys sports and gaming in his free time.

She’s studying Media communication in Maribor. Journalism and advertising are something that she was always interested in. Difficult question are the ones that she likes to investigate. She likes everything that spark her creativity. In free time she takes photos, drinks coffee and goes hiking.

He graduated in Fine Arts, but works as a journalist because he loves to write stories. There is a point where arts and journalism meet – the aim to tell a story. He wants to connect more with people through his writings on cultural events. During free time he loves to take pictures and watch…

North Macedonia

Valentina has a degree in multimedia design, so she will try to make a visual statement on almost anything. Yes, even problems. A great storyteller concerned about human rights and climate change. Humour is her thing and don’t even try to understand her taste in music – she speaks in fluent genres, from underground to…

He’s forever young, even though he doesn’t like anything that the young like. Multimedia man, graphics Superman, completely badass (the photo says it all), also a father.

Journalism is about storytelling. The best journalists seek truth and report it, and I believe new technologies and approaches can help us tell stories more accurately and effectively than ever before. I love learning about our craft and sharing what I know with others who believe that journalism can change lives and change the world.

She’s a visual storytelling magician. She teaches classes in television news, documentary production, multimedia reporting and social media publishing. In her spare time… there’s no such thing as spare time for Iveta!

The only time Petra loses all track of time is when she’s doing journalism. That’s funny because in journalism time is of the essence, but when you do something that you love, things always seem to fall into place (even deadlines). Besides storytelling, Petra’s favourite remedies are Jovanotti and the simple art of walking.

Visual storytelling is Ivana’s passion and, hopefully, future job. She wants to report on stories that others may deem as unimportant, because some stories need to be told despite everything. When she’s not working, Ivana enjoys sipping on a warm cup of tea and listening to a true crime podcast, or watching a good documentary.

She wanted to be a literary writer, but chose journalism instead as she is curious and loves to explore. Andrea considers herself a truth seeker and future investigative reporter. Her role models are Veronica Guerin and Walter Cronkite. Andrea loves to read or do a bit of Netflix & chill.

At first, he wanted to pursue an acting career, but he recognized journalism as a better way to express himself. Even though the world is sometimes gloomy, he is passionate about doing stories that make people hopeful. Andrej’s favourite quote is: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Journalism incorporates everything that Iva loves – filming, editing and people – especially those whose voices are not heard. She believes we can all accomplish good things if we set our minds to it. Iva is a good listener and advice giver, blue jeans lover and the biggest Bob Dylan fan.

Journalism was and still is her only choice. Ivana is passionate about television journalism. She likes doing stories about interesting individuals and their lives in this wild, wild world. Ivana is also a bit of an interior designer. In her spare time, she espaces in the world of books or movies.

She’s a bit of a Bohemian soul. Her skills are organizing, camerawork and editing. Making stories about unique people are her favorite. You can hear her talking very loudly when trying to convince someone to watch a particular movie as her interests had always been in film directing and cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki fangirl).

Journalism combines all the things she loves, sociology,psycology and acting. With her reporting Karmen wishes to help people get the voice that they need to be heard. Karmen is a movie and music fanatic that could watch movies all day long, and one day hopefully write critics about them.

She ended up in journalism by accident, but soon it became her calling. For Klara, quality journalism is reporting on people that make a difference. She wants to educate audiences by participating in and supporting Zagreb’s alternative culture and independent artists. She knows a thing or two about graphic design.

She studies journalism because she’s interested in television, especially documentaries. With her stories, she wants to encourage people to think about topics that may not be familiar with, but are important for our lives. She hopes that through her work and love for film people will truly experience the true beauty of this art.


She is a journalism student at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. She wants to make stories about people who are unique, especially those that care for the environment. She loves the adrenaline of live reporting. In her free time Mia like to read and watch stories and documentaries about fashion.

He chose journalism because he wanted to get new perspectives in visual storytelling as his background is in photography and cinematography. He is a bit short of hobbies at the moment because he turned them into his profession, but after long weeks his weekend release valve is hiking.

She’s a freelance video journalist who’s in love with people as much as she’s in love with storytelling. Renata is one of those people who’s always in a good mood and calm in the midst of chaos. When she’s not reporting, she’s dancing.

Her passion for sports inspired her to choose journalism. During her studies, she found interest in social topics, but still, she sees herself in sports journalism. She’s open to learning new journalistic skills and techniques. Except for watching sports in her free time, she’s quite a fan of salads and yoga.

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