360 video
Perspective is a beautiful thing, and when you can provide a unique perspective to your viewers, it can engage them like nothing else. With 360 videos and images, you can make your audience feel as if they are doing more than just watching a story.
For this exercise, participants in the “Disrupt the News” workshop at Zagreb University created 360 photos using the free Google Street View app. Street View is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic images.

The Croatian National Theatre lit up for Christmas

Contributed by Norbert Sinkovic

Armed with the Insta360 One camera, our teams set out to capture 360 videos of the Zagreb Christmas market. With this immersive technology, you can put people into places, and they will remember that experience differently than what they’ve seen on screens all around us that we’ve been looking at for over 100 years now. This is a medium designed entirely differently; the rectangle is no longer the frame that is the border for the content that you’re watching.

The ice skating rink that’s melting
Contributed by


Advent on the European Square
Contributed by Renata Simic, Petar Klescic and Tena Perisin

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