Data Journalism

Visualizing data can be especially challenging in a broadcast news story.  A television graphic is like a highway billboard – the driver, or in a newscast the viewer, has to get the key points quickly because in a few seconds the sign is out of view. For this exercise, participants in the “Disrupt the News” workshop at Zagreb University created two different types of data visualizations for the stories they’re producing on the topic of “Work in Croatia.”
View the examples below and for each topic take our poll to choose the version you find most compelling.



Topic 1: Foreign Workers in Croatia 

Each year the Croatian government issues more and more work permits for foreigners. This story is focused on how and where most of the foreign workers find their jobs in Croatia. There are many vacant jobs in various fields, but not enough Croatian workers to fill them. The reason for that is the fact that Croatians have been looking for a better life abroad. Many international workers now have the opportunity to work in Croatia.

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Topic 2: Brain drain to Ireland

Ireland has become a synonym for all emigrants who left Croatia in pursuit of a better life. Croatians who start their new life in Ireland, get a PPS (Personal Public Service) number. From 2002 to 2013 Ireland handed out more than 2000 PPSs. After 2013, when Croatia entered the European Union, the number started to increase, until the last year, when number was decreased by a fifth. Ireland is still considered as one of the “promise lands” for Croatians.

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