She’s a force of nature and the main supervisor of our microcosmos. There’s no problem Tena cannot solve. She’s always up for a good laugh. When she grows up, she wants to be captain of the starship Enterprise.

He’s passionate about reporting on regional and local issues. Huge radio fanatic. In his spare time, he likes to ride a bike, drink coffee (of course) and have a good laugh with his friends.

He got into journalism because he likes to tell stories about “ordinary” people, knowing that no person has an ordinary story. Marko especially likes local topics because he thinks all changes start from that level. He’s much into 80’s music and action movies.

She studied journalism and communications and now works as a journalist because she believes that good and professional media can remove the fear and enforce citizens to speak loudly about everything that threatens them and to strive for better life. She’s also interested in project management.

The desire to remind people about the problems they face has prompted Mehmet to choose journalism and work where he has always wanted to, on television. Before becoming a journalist his passion was football, a sport he still plays in his spare time. Another thing that fulfilled him is taking photos.

Sanja likes to collect sounds and make stories out of them. Sometimes she can bite, but she’s an okay person in general.

She studies Media Communications because she wants to unite her three passions: design, journalism, production. This union inspires her to bring changes to the news production process and contet that helps audiences experience news fully.

North Macedonia

He is already working as a journalist, but he’s always looking for ways to improve his skills. He wants to keep the people updated about what is happening outside the borders and that’s why his passion is world politics. Alek enjoys sports and gaming in his free time.

She’s studying Media communication in Maribor. Journalism and advertising are something that she was always interested in. Difficult question are the ones that she likes to investigate. She likes everything that spark her creativity. In free time she takes photos, drinks coffee and goes hiking.

He graduated in Fine Arts, but works as a journalist because he loves to write stories. There is a point where arts and journalism meet – the aim to tell a story. He wants to connect more with people through his writings on cultural events. During free time he loves to take pictures and watch…