North Macedonia

Valentina has a degree in multimedia design, so she will try to make a visual statement on almost anything. Yes, even problems. A great storyteller concerned about human rights and climate change. Humour is her thing and don’t even try to understand her taste in music – she speaks in fluent genres, from underground to…

He’s forever young, even though he doesn’t like anything that the young like. Multimedia man, graphics Superman, completely badass (the photo says it all), also a father.

Journalism is about storytelling. The best journalists seek truth and report it, and I believe new technologies and approaches can help us tell stories more accurately and effectively than ever before. I love learning about our craft and sharing what I know with others who believe that journalism can change lives and change the world.

She’s a visual storytelling magician. She teaches classes in television news, documentary production, multimedia reporting and social media publishing. In her spare time… there’s no such thing as spare time for Iveta!

The only time Petra loses all track of time is when she’s doing journalism. That’s funny because in journalism time is of the essence, but when you do something that you love, things always seem to fall into place (even deadlines). Besides storytelling, Petra’s favourite remedies are Jovanotti and the simple art of walking.

Visual storytelling is Ivana’s passion and, hopefully, future job. She wants to report on stories that others may deem as unimportant, because some stories need to be told despite everything. When she’s not working, Ivana enjoys sipping on a warm cup of tea and listening to a true crime podcast, or watching a good documentary.

She wanted to be a literary writer, but chose journalism instead as she is curious and loves to explore. Andrea considers herself a truth seeker and future investigative reporter. Her role models are Veronica Guerin and Walter Cronkite. Andrea loves to read or do a bit of Netflix & chill.

At first, he wanted to pursue an acting career, but he recognized journalism as a better way to express himself. Even though the world is sometimes gloomy, he is passionate about doing stories that make people hopeful. Andrej’s favourite quote is: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Journalism incorporates everything that Iva loves – filming, editing and people – especially those whose voices are not heard. She believes we can all accomplish good things if we set our minds to it. Iva is a good listener and advice giver, blue jeans lover and the biggest Bob Dylan fan.

Journalism was and still is her only choice. Ivana is passionate about television journalism. She likes doing stories about interesting individuals and their lives in this wild, wild world. Ivana is also a bit of an interior designer. In her spare time, she espaces in the world of books or movies.