She’s a bit of a Bohemian soul. Her skills are organizing, camerawork and editing. Making stories about unique people are her favorite. You can hear her talking very loudly when trying to convince someone to watch a particular movie as her interests had always been in film directing and cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki fangirl).

Journalism combines all the things she loves, sociology,psycology and acting. With her reporting Karmen wishes to help people get the voice that they need to be heard. Karmen is a movie and music fanatic that could watch movies all day long, and one day hopefully write critics about them.

She ended up in journalism by accident, but soon it became her calling. For Klara, quality journalism is reporting on people that make a difference. She wants to educate audiences by participating in and supporting Zagreb’s alternative culture and independent artists. She knows a thing or two about graphic design.

She studies journalism because she’s interested in television, especially documentaries. With her stories, she wants to encourage people to think about topics that may not be familiar with, but are important for our lives. She hopes that through her work and love for film people will truly experience the true beauty of this art.


She is a journalism student at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. She wants to make stories about people who are unique, especially those that care for the environment. She loves the adrenaline of live reporting. In her free time Mia like to read and watch stories and documentaries about fashion.

He chose journalism because he wanted to get new perspectives in visual storytelling as his background is in photography and cinematography. He is a bit short of hobbies at the moment because he turned them into his profession, but after long weeks his weekend release valve is hiking.

She’s a freelance video journalist who’s in love with people as much as she’s in love with storytelling. Renata is one of those people who’s always in a good mood and calm in the midst of chaos. When she’s not reporting, she’s dancing.

Her passion for sports inspired her to choose journalism. During her studies, she found interest in social topics, but still, she sees herself in sports journalism. She’s open to learning new journalistic skills and techniques. Except for watching sports in her free time, she’s quite a fan of salads and yoga.

My biggest fear was that the drone would end up in the river. Luckily, I didn’t touch the joystick so it remained safe in the air.

Being near the river and the beautiful bridge was the perfect environment for our first drone flying lesson.